Festival Info

Festival Info


What is Anime Wonder Festival?

Anime Wonder Festival is Tucson Arizona’s 2-day outdoor Anime festival launching on December 9-10th 2023! Join us in the celebration of the Anime & Japanese pop culture showcasing the arts with Main Stage Entertainment, Exhibitors, Artist Vendors, Cosplay, Music, Japanese & Asian Food, and more! Join the great 2-day escape and jump into the awesome world of Anime.


Dec 9-10th, 2023
Saturday 12pm – 10pm
Sunday 12pm – 7pm

What can I bring?
  • Sunglasses
  • Earplugs
  • General Backpacks that do not exceed 22 inches long and do not protrude similar to a delivery bag. Standard back packs and camp backpacks are fine as long as they do not exceed these limits.
  • State ID, Drivers License and or any valid Identification that matches your ticket purchase name for will-call.
  • Cosplay! Wear your best and creative cosplay, but be sure to follow our cosplay rules on this page
  • A positive, friendly and festive attitude!
  • Phone charger and or phone charging case
  • Digital cameras, basic and non commercial.
  • Non-glass refillable water bottles are welcomed.
  • Shoes that are comfortable to wear the entire day.

What NOT to bring! (things prohibited)

  • Fireworks and or flammable objects.
  • Alcohol, Illegal substances, or drugs under ANY circumstances are NOT permitted. If you are under legal medication then you will be required to provide supporting legal documents. If alcohol, illegal drugs or substances are used or presented, then you will be immediately removed from the festival with no refund, will be permanently banned from ALL events and will be presented to authorities. In other words DO NOT even try.
  • NO legal or illegal weapons under any and all circumstances. If you are using a prop for your cosplay, then please follow our cosplay rules below.
  • Lawn, hard chairs or anything considered furniture.
  • Enlarged backpacks, travel or suitcases. Back packs or personal bags smaller than 22 inches long are only permitted. ALL bags will be thoroughly checked.
  • Personal electric vehicles such as scooters, skateboards, or motorized vehicles that are not under ADA requirements. In other words, if you do not have a medical condition requiring a wheelchair and or motorized wheelchair for ADA accessibility, then it is NOT allowed.
  • Animals or pets of any kind unless it is a service animal. Please see ADA Access for more information.
  • Outside food or beverages.
  • Instruments of any kind.
  • Laser pointing devices.
  • Any glass products or containers.
  • Smoking products including but not limited to E-cigs, Vape and or Tobacco.
  • Cameras that can harm other patrons or pose a threat such as Drones.
  • Fliers, Banners or promotional materials not authorized or approved by Anime Wonder. Solicitations WILL NOT be permitted, and is a one way ticket to removal from the event with no reimbursement.
  • No outside vending or illegal vending is allowed. If interested in vending, please reach out to us at the appropriate contact information in the Contacts & Info section.
  • Professional camera equipment such as tripods, zoom lenses or commercial rigging. If interested in shooting professionally and providing media coverage, then please visit our Media Coverage application HERE

Be mindful to keep your valuable possessions at home, in your car or hotel. Our staff will not be responsible for any and all lost possessions.


All forms of cosplay are encouraged as Cosplay plays a huge role in Anime, Festival and Convention culture. We do not hinder creativity, but there are still strict rules that apply for cosplayers to follow before attending Anime Wonder.

  • All cosplay and costumes must be appropriate to wear in front of family, kids and friends. In other words, if it is not legal to wear openly in the public eye, it is not acceptable nor permitted in Anime Wonder.
  • Complete nudity or partial nudity as part of your cosplay or costume is not permitted. Our audience and fans consists of 17 and under. No exceptions.
  • Any cosplay portraying or implying hate speech against homophobia, religion, politics or racism, even its featured in any of your favorite animes/films/comics, is NOT permitted under any circumstances. For example; cosplaying Call Of Duty and or Halo is acceptable (with the exception that props are acceptable as per above) cosplaying a hate group such as a Nazi is not.
  • Anime Wonder is STRICT on harassment. Any kind of Harassment is NOT acceptable, nor is any cosplay that is intended to harass or provoke others in any form.
  • Hentai and/or Ahegao clothing, cosplay, or references are strictly prohibited from Anime Wonder Festival. Our Festival platform serves youth 17yrs and under.
  • Permitted cosplay props: PVC, Wooden and Plastic based props (Swords or guns with orange tips). Forbidden props: Any and all items considered weapons, any sharp objects that are metal such as daggers, knives and swords, bb guns and/or any firearms. NO EXCEPTIONS

Food and drinks

Anime Wonder is dedicated to offering a delicious food experience from Japan, Asian and American vendors for both general eaters and vegetarians. In our festival you will find curated food trucks and delicious food options served for everyone.

Transactions (Cash & Credit cards)

Be sure to have cash in hand prior to heading into our festival experience. Our art vendors, food vendors and exhibitors accept payments in the form of both cash and credit cards. Secure your payment methods as best as possible, we wouldn’t want you to lose any and/or all of your available funds.

AGE requirements and Identification Policy

We welcome attendees of all ages as our festival is family friendly. Attendees 18 yrs and under must be accompanied by an adult (over 18yrs) in order to attend the event. Please see our age requirements and ID policy below:

Ages 18 yrs and up
Must provide a non-expired and valid proof of ID. Identification will be enforced at will-call and the entrance to our festival. Valid ID forms below

Ages 17 yrs – 7yrs
Must be accompanied by an adult (18 and over). One adult may accompany up to two (2) attendees ages 17 and under. All attendees with adults must arrive together, at the same entrance and time, with valid wristbands or in preparation to redeem them at will-call. All adult chaperones must have a valid and purchased ticket/wristband for the festival, no exceptions.

Ages 5 and under
All entry is FREE for kids ages 6 and under. All attendees 17yrs and younger under must be accompanied by an adult (18 and over) with a valid festival ticket/wristband. Kids 6 and below and are not required to have a wristband and/or ticket. Strollers are permitted and must be used/carried at all times. Staff members are not responsible for lost or stolen strollers.

Your Safety (and Medical)

We value and care about the safety of every single attendee in attendance within our festival grounds. With this being said, you will find our Trained EMT’s, Security and Authorities within reach at anytime at our marked areas which will be available on our festival map and at the festival grounds. Feel free to stop by at anytime if any questions, issues or concerns.

Festival wristband & Re-entry policy

All attendees are allowed to enter and exit the festival grounds at anytime, during event hours, with a valid and registered wristband. Wristbands are made to be worn one time throughout your entire festival experience (whether weekend or single day) and cannot be removed, swapped, shared to another attendee for entry, or tampered with. If any signs of wristband swapping or tampering, you will be denied entry and will not receive a replacement, nor will you be reimbursed. There will be no exceptions to this policy as we not only run the risk of theft, but to protect ALL attendees within the festival grounds.

Rain or Shine

Anime Wonder Festival will be running Rain or Shine. If the weather presents unexpected rain, then we advise patrons to bring rain suits, rain boots, ponchos, mobile suit and orb/barrier magic. If there’s sunshine, bring sunglasses, water bottle(s), sunscreen and your ice quirk.

Lost & Found

Did you lose something at our festival? Provide as much details as possible and email our lost and found event staff at: lostsomething -at- animewonderfest.com

Contact us
General questions & information: questions -at- animewonderfest.com
Ticket & Wristband questions: support -at- animewonderfest.com


available Ticket types

2 Day Weekend Pass
Grants you access to all 2 festival days with all festive activities. This ticket is for Adults and Youth ages 6 and up. Adult supervision (18 and up) required for youth 17yrs and under.

Single Day Passes
Single Day Passes will not be available for 2023 events.

Discounted Rate – Group of 10+ (ages 6 and up)
Our limited group special discounted price grants 2 festival days for 10 or more attendees to enjoy our festival experience. You must be a company or non-profit to redeem this offer. To redeem this offer, please contact us at groups@animewonderfest.com

AW+ VIP Pass
Grants you FULL VIP 2-Day access to all festival activities including exclusive perks, and exclusive giftbag, awesome discounts, priority service, special VIP only access and more. VIP Perks will be announced with updates on our website, social media, and via email for VIP owners.

Kids 5 and below are FREE. They must be accompanied by an Adult 18 yrs and up.

Is there any limit to purchasing tickets?

Technically no, you are free to purchase as many tickets as you’d like, however, we reserve the right to cancel and refund ticket purchases if we feel any suspicious activity arises.

Reselling and Scalping

Be sure to purchase tickets directly from us, our verified partners and/or our official Eventeny page HERE. Reselling of tickets are permitted under certain circumstances. We advise all fans to purchase smart and safe from our direct selling channels and or verified partners.  Cutting corners and costs for a few dollars isn’t worth it when you end up with a false, counterfeit, fake or invalid ticket/wristband. Fans with valid purchases can resell or transfer their tickets directly on Eventeny to legitimize their giveaway or resell if they cannot make it to the festival. However, any tampering, removal or re-use (with signs of damage or swapping) of redeemed wristbands WILL NOT be honored for entry, re-entry or refunded. Removing your wristband voids the validation of your entry to the festival. No exceptions.

ADA and accessibility

ADA Accessibility

We’re more than happy to welcome patrons and fans with special needs for the enjoyment of their attendance at our festival. All disabled patrons will receive a specific wristband at will-call upon checking in. Manual or automated Wheelchairs are welcomed.

For more rentals, please be sure to search for local wheelchair rental companies in the Tucson, AZ / Pima County area.


Our ADA accessible toilets will be available within festival grounds in the same area as our generic public portable potties. Be sure to follow the signs and festival grounds map.

Service Animals

Service animals are welcomed only under the condition of providing legal documentation supporting your request. Service animals must be trained, leashed, curbed and supervised at all times. Any attendee with a service animal will be responsible and liable for any damage or injuries caused by the service animal. Fines and potential imprisonment will occur If a service animal is injured.

Pets or any other animals are NOT permitted. If any questions regarding service animals, please send an email to: accessibility -at- animewonderfest.com with subject title “Service animal inquiry”

After tickets are purchased

How do i get my wristbands?

Wristbands can be redeemed at announced will-call pickup locations and dates, or at the festival grounds the day of the festival. For more information on tickets, please visit our Tickets FAQ page https://animewonderfest.com/#tickets or directly at our official ticketing page HERE

I’d like to upgrade to VIP, how can I?

Upgrading is easy! Please send us an email with the Full names of all guests (if more than one) that you’d like to upgrade, as well as your Eventeny order number(s). Email: support -at- animewonderfest.com with subject: VIP Upgrade

Getting Here, Travel and Accommodations

Getting here

Below are the available transportation options to make your way to Anime Wonder!

AIRPORT – Flying in? The closest airport will be the Tucson International Airport, which is minutes away from nearby hotels. The festival grounds is only 25 minutes away, by car, from the airport.

Lyft/Uber – Taxi / Lyft / Uber to the festival fairgrounds.


Looking for Hotels and Accommodations? Book your Hotel stay easy and directly through our hotel booking portal and get the best rates in town!

Is there any available parking?

Limited parking passes are available prior to the festival. Parking passes are first come, first serve.

Contact info, Partners, Press and Media

Become a partner/sponsor

Interested in becoming a Partner / Sponsor or advertise with us? We’re happy to hear from you to explore the opportunities. Please reach out to sponsors -at- Anime Wonderfest.com for more info

Press and Media

Want to become press, cover, provide photography, video coverage or any media for Anime Wonder? Send an email to media -at- animewonderfest.com

Our Media/Press credentials will open up in a few months. Please check back for updates.

General Contact

For General Inquiries and questions about Anime Wonder Festival. Email: info -at- animewonderfest.com

If you purchased tickets or have questions about tickets or wristbands, email: support -at- animewonderfest.com

For Exhibitor and Food vendors questions, please email: vendors -at- animewonderfest.com

For questions about Joining our crew or volunteers team, email: staff -at- animewonderfest.com

The Anime Wonder team will answer any of your questions. Please be patient as we will receive a high volume of emails every day and will aim best to answer every question in the order that we receive them. Thank you!

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