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Riders Field - Dallas, TX • June 29
Ventura County Fairgrounds - Ventura, CA • Sept 28-29
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Jellyfish Can't Swim in the Night Anime Reveals 6 More Cast Members

The anime “Jellyfish Can’t Swim in the Night” unveils six additional cast members – Anime

On Saturday, the Twitter account affiliated with Doga Kobo’s original TV anime series “Jellyfish Can’t Swim in the Night” (Yoru no Kurage wa Oyogenai) announced the inclusion of six additional cast members.

Image via Jellyfish Can’t Swim in the Night Twitter

The fresh additions to the cast are:

  • Ayu Matsuura playing Kaho
  • Chika Anzai portraying Mion
  • Nao Tōyama as Arieru
  • Asami Seto taking on the role of Koharu
  • Yūko Kaida as Yukine
  • Hekiru Shiina in the character of Honami

Niko Fujii’s manga adaptation is set to debut on Kodansha’s Magazine Pocket app on April 7. The anime, comprising 12 episodes and four short text stories by Yūki Yaku, will be distributed across four Blu-ray Disc volumes from June 26 to September 25.


The anime made its debut on April 6 on TOKYO MX and BS11 channels at 25:00 JST (equivalent to 1:00 a.m. JST on April 7, or 12:00 p.m. EDT on April 6). Subsequent broadcasts are planned on Kansai TV and AT-X channels on April 7, followed by HTB Hokkaido TV on April 8, with additional platforms in the pipeline. The anime marks the 50th anniversary of Doga Kobo.

The anime showcases:

  • Miku Itō as Mahiru Kōzuki
  • Rie Takahashi as Kano Yamanouchi
  • Miyu Tomita as Kiwi Watase
  • Miyuri Shimabukuro as Mei “Kim Anouk” Takanashi
  • Sumire Uesaka as Miiko
  • Miho Okasaki as Mero Setō
  • Yukina Shutō as Momoko Yanagi
  • Sally Amaki as Akari Suzumura

Set in Shibuya, the story centers around a group of creatively inclined girls. JELEE is acknowledged for the original work, with direction by Ryohei Takeshita, and popman3580 as the original character designer. Junichirō Taniguchi adapts the character designs for animation, while Yūki Yaku supervises the series scripts.

KanoeRana performs the opening theme song “Irodori” (coloring), while Anna Tsurushima provides vocals for the ending theme song “Ichi-nichi wa 25-jikan” (A Day Is 25 Hours). Musician 40mP produces an insert song for the anonymous artist “JELEE” in the anime, and pop pianist and YouTuber Haramichan delivers piano performances featured in the series.

Sources: Jellyfish Can’t Swim in the Night anime’s Twitter account, Manga Pocket, Comic Natalie

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