2024 Events: Ventura County Fairgrounds - Ventura, CA • Sept 28-29 Tucson Expo Center - Tucson, AZ • Oct 19-20
Riders Field - Dallas, TX • June 29
Ventura County Fairgrounds - Ventura, CA • Sept 28-29
Tucson Expo Center - Tucson, AZ • Oct 19-20

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Tom Gibis, the legendary voice of Shikamaru Nara, joins Anime Wonder 2024 in Ventura, California.

We welcome the LEGENDARY Tom Gibis – The Voice for the one and only Shikamaru in Naruto and Boruto!!

About Tom Gibis

Tom Gibis is a television, film, and voice actor, comedian, and Emmy-nominated writer/producer, who has worked in the entertainment industry for nearly 30 years. Tom is best known for the English-speaking voice of Shikamaru Nara in the multi-faceted Naruto Universe (series, video games, movies). He started in voice acting in 2000, with his first role as Michael in the Digimon series, and has voiced a multitude of characters on several television series. Other highlights include super villain, Toy Man, in DC’s Justice League Adventures, and Sukari in Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, currently on Netflix.

Join Us at Anime Wonder 2024

He’s super excited to meet his dedicated Naruto fans in Ventura and SoCal, along with fellow VA’s in Naruto we’re announcing. Want to see some of our Ventura VA’s also visit Tucson, AZ? Send us your feedback on our website.

For more roles, including previous and upcoming Anime Roles, check out Toms VA profiles and social handles below:

Join us in Ventura California for Anime Wonder 2024 https://animewonderfest.com/anime-wonder-2024-ventura-california/

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