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Riders Field - Dallas, TX • June 29
Ventura County Fairgrounds - Ventura, CA • Sept 28-29
Tucson Expo Center - Tucson, AZ • Oct 19-20

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Uru Okabe's Good Night World End Prequel Manga Ends on May 21

Uru Okabe’s Prequel Manga ‘Good Night World End’ Concludes on May 21 – Manga

Manga launched on August 1


© Uru Okabe, Shogakukan

Shogakukan‘s Manga ONE app has announced that Uru Okabe‘s prequel manga, Good Night World End, will conclude with its 20th chapter on May 21.

The manga’s story revolves around the virtual game “Planet,” where players can freely control their avatars in the Metaverse. Rei, a neglected boy, and Liz, a young girl yearning for adulthood, enter the game. Their paths intersect through Yoshino, a mysterious boy. In a world where they lack a sense of belonging, they form a temporary bond—until tragedy strikes.

Okabe launched the prequel manga on Shogakukan‘s Manga ONE and Ura Sunday services on August 1. The manga’s first compiled volume was published on October 12, followed by the second volume on March 19.

Previously, Okabe created the Good Night World manga, which debuted on Shogakukan‘s Ura Sunday platform in 2016. The series concluded with its fifth and final volume in March 2017.

The anime adaptation of Good Night World premiered worldwide on Netflix on October 12.

Source: Manga ONE

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